Ham Stand Evolution Rotary Sagra

A high-end professional ham holder with a swivel to turn the ham. It comes with a tilting system and brake discs to arrange and the firmly fix the ham in just the right position for cutting and it includes an ergonomic polyethylene plate to support the ham or shoulder in a comfortable position. A lateral displacement system allows the ham to be moved and supported on the plate, giving multiple angles. There are multiple options for placing shoulders in the holder too. Important note: the ham holder does not come with a ham! In Spanish, this product is called, “Jamonero Evolution giratorio Sagra.”



Sagra Innovations is a family company with rich professional experience in inventions and patents. The Sagra range of ham holders are the result of a period of close collaboration between Sagra and the Occupational Center for People With Intellectual Disabilities, run by AFANDICE.